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for enhancing digital competences across Europe



Digital competences are essential to how we live, learn and work. The confident and critical use of digital technology is key to supporting lifelong learning, active citizenship, employability, and inclusion. People can wield their digital competences to access information and support, access new learning and employment opportunities, be creative and entrepreneurial, find new opportunities and to help others.

To deliver on this potential ALL DIGITAL has worked with our network of digital competence centres and stakeholders on a new version of the ‘Manifesto for enhancing digital competences in Europe’.

The Manifesto sets out key principles and recommendations on how to maximise the impact of education and training in digital competences for all people living in Europe.

Digital skills and jobs are a key action area in the EU’s digital strategy (2019 – 2024) and the 2030 Digital Compass supported by a variety of initiatives announced as part of the European Skills AgendaEuropean Education Area and Digital Education Action PlanThe Manifesto seeks to contribute to dialogue, implementation, and co-operation on these and other actions to deliver Europe’s digital future; its realisation is a strategic priority of ALL DIGITAL.

At the core of the Manifesto is the belief that education and training in digital competences in Europe must become more consistent and cohesive.

The Manifesto calls on EU institutions, Member States, and stakeholder organisations, as well as ALL DIGITAL and its members, to take action and find new ways to co-operate at EU, national, regional and local level to deliver on the ambition of this Manifesto.


This Manifesto includes key principles and recommendations under 5 main areas:

1. The education and training offer

2. Access to education and training

3. Quality of education and training

4. A European approach to digital competence

5. Sustainability and development


The Manifesto is the result of a grassroot movement in Europe, but we believe it speaks to everyone and everywhere, and ALL DIGITAL is ready to start a dialogue and engage in common actions with partners around the world.


>> View Manifesto in .pdf


This is the new edition of the Manifesto. The original Manifesto 2019 can be checked here.

We invite organisations to endorse the manifesto by using the form below (scroll down)