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UpSkill Digital

02 May, 2019


United Kingdom

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Main thematic area of expertise: Basic Digital Skills
Main thematic area of interest: Digital Media Literacy

UpSkill Digital is a digital skills training agency and consultancy that delivers globally scalable and localised training programs. We empower people to improve their skills, grow their careers and create new opportunities through the use of technology. Our method of training has led us to deliver award-winning learning experience programs at scale.

We have built a worldwide network of charismatic certified digital trainers and hands-on digital consultants. Through our hands-on train-the-trainer programs we empower both technical and non-technical experts and facilitators to better excite, educate and engage learners.

We work with our various partners to deliver scalable face-to-face training and blended learning programs. To date, we have trained individuals across EMEA from our suite of over 64 modules in digital topics such as G Suite, Microsoft 365, digital marketing, data & analytics, and cybersecurity for both families and businesses. We have also created a range of courses covering soft skills such as employability skills, leadership, entrepreneurial skills and adopting a digital mindset.

The work of UpSkill Digital stretches far beyond our HQ in the UK, delivering intensive train-the-trainer sessions and developing engaging and localised content across Europe and Africa. These programs have been built at scale by working with local public and private sector partners with the aim of empowering thousands of people across the world in digital skills that can either help them grow in their careers or support their business.

We offer a wide range of services ranging from course development and content creation to experiential learning events, train-the-trainer workshops and event management. We are able to offer our support and expertise across all things digital

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Name: Gavin Poyser
Position: Project Manager