About us • ALL DIGITAL
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Who we are


All Digital (previously known as Telecentre Europe) is a leading pan-European association based in Brussels, representing member organisations across Europe that work with 25,000 digital competence centres.

Why we exist


We focus to support Europeans that have an insufficient level of digital skills. That means that they’re having less chances to find work, to use online services, to have a better quality of life, to be included in today’s society.

How we work


We empower our member organisations representing non-formal education providers to support millions of Europeans to succeed in the digital transformation by providing them with training and advice.

What we believe in


We believe that every European should be able to exploit the benefits and opportunities created by digital transformation.

Our team

Our board

Our advisory board

Financial controllers

Strategic Plan


In this new Strategic Plan 2022-2027, digital inclusion is understood as the capacity to provide capacity building, advocacy and networking services to timely and effectively adapt to the needs and demands of the civil and private sectors, starting from all those organisations and practitioners that deliver digital education programmes in formal, nonformal and informal settings.