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Marianna Marcucci

About us, Our board

Member organisation: Invasioni Digitali
Country: Italy
An avid listener, Marianna believes that change can only come from exchanging ideas and opinions. Always striving to find unexplored connections between people to create new communities, she focuses on helping them develop projects. Over the past years, she has concentrated on the possibilities offered by the web linked to the travel, art and culture industries. In this context, she co-founded Invasioni Digitali (Digital Invasions), a bottom-up initiative created in Italy in 2013. Invasioni Digitali aims to promote the value of and engagement with local cultural heritage. Its goal is to disseminate knowledge highlighting local beauty and history by using the power of internet and social media. She is Lecture at the University of Bologna in the Master “Valorization of the Cultural heritage” and Steering Committee Member of Europeana Communicators group.
Diversity. Change. Innovation. Added-value creation. Future. These are the drivers of Marianna’s motivation. What inspires her to work every day to build the future is believing, as she does that through culture and communication, that it is possible to make society and the world better.
Empowerment through collaboration, in business and in life, is the key to success.

  • Years of service on the Board of ALL DIGITAL: 2021-2023