ALL DIGITAL Strategic Plan 2022-2027 • ALL DIGITAL
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Shaping digital transformation with digital education


We are just at the beginning of an epochal transformation of our society, whose digital component has already proven to be transversally relevant in all its sectors. ALL DIGITAL aspires to take advantage of such a unique opportunity by shaping digital transformation with impactful digital education interventions towards a greener, more inclusive and cohesive Europe.


Indeed, our new Strategic Plan is the result of a two years-long process that has witnessed the launch of a new programming period of the European Commission, the extraordinary prevention and reaction measures towards the COVID-19 global pandemic and their impact at social and economic level, together with the environmental and migratory crises of the contemporary society.


Therefore, being strongly convinced of the importance that digital skills have in coping with all these challenges in a long-term perspective, the AD Board has agreed to produce, for the first time in the history of the association, a six years-long Strategic Plan.
A forward-looking approach, aimed not only at listing the actions to be undertaken at short and mid-term, but also putting in place a consultation and monitoring mechanism with the capacity to anticipate the needs of EU citizens in the field of digital education.


In this new Strategic Plan 2022-2027, digital inclusion is understood as the capacity to provide capacity building, advocacy and networking services to timely and effectively adapt to the needs and demands of the civil and private sectors, starting from all those organisations and practitioners that deliver digital education programmes in formal, nonformal and informal settings.


>> Read the full text of the Strategic Plan 2022-2027