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ALL DIGITAL Board candidates 2024

The candidates are presented in alphabetical order by surname. Candidates are added as soon as their applications are submitted.

The General Assembly on 15 May 2024 will elect, among the following 6 candidates, 2 new Board members for vacant positions for a one-year term.

  • Fulvio Ananasso, Stati Generali dell’Innovazione
  • Liliana Arroyo Moliner, Network Punt TIC
  • Marta Martorell, Fundació Privada i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya
  • Guillem Porres Canals, Fundación Esplai Ciuadadanía Comprometida
  • Katrin Schuberth, Helliwood media & education at fjs e.V.
  • Spaska Tarandova, Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation


Fulvio Ananasso

Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, Italy

Master Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, he held several technical & management positions in both Manufacturing and Services Industry, up to Managing Director of Iridium Italia (Telecom Italia Group).
In late ‘80s he was full time Professor at the University of Rome-Tor Vergata, and in the 2000’s Director General of Studies & Research at AGCOM, the Italian Authority for regulations of electronic communications.
Since 2012, as a Business & Innovation Angel, he has been delivering education, strategic advisory and interim / project management of ICT-driven initiatives, including small business acceleration and startup / SME mentoring in the digital economy paradigm.
With his 45+ year telecom / ICT international market experience, prof. Ananasso is presently President of Stati Generali dell’Innovazione and Board Member of CDTI Roma. He is also National Coordinator of the UN 2030 Agenda SDG 9 (“Industry, Innovation & Infrastructures”) in the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS). LinkedIn profile.


My career has been totally devoted to advanced technology projects and digital transformation. My expertise spans technical, socioeconomic, and regulatory aspects, with skills in project management / promotion, digital technologies (AI, metaverse, IoT, 5G-6G, satellites, …), innovation dissemination, e-inclusion, education, mentoring, etc.
As Honorary Member of ASviS and UNINFO, I am participating to a number of normative WGs — “ICT for e-health”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Digital Product Passport”, “Coordinating ICT-Circular Economy”.
I received the best National Coordinator prize of All-Digital Weeks 2023, with the same role presently of coordinating the Italian All-Digital Weeks 2024.
Due to my long professional career, I hope being considered a credible representative of the ‘silver economy’, senior people with consistent experience and willingness to engage in developing soft / digital skills in our Society.
I thus believe to be able adding value to All Digital Board, in terms af application-orented promotion of digital competencies and more.

Liliana Arroyo Moliner

Network Punt TIC, Spain

Liliana Arroyo Moliner, Director General of Digital Society (Government of Catalonia)
Born in Barcelona (Barcelonès) in 1985.
She holds a degree in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, a PhD in Sociology from the University of Barcelona and is a specialist in Digital Social Innovation.
She has been Head of Innovation in the Digital Technology Societies division at the i2cat Foundation and a researcher at the Institute for Social Innovation, Esade. Her background is in research, teaching and popularisation. She has been a member of research teams in projects in various areas of Sociology and led the chapter on children in the Government of Catalonia’s Charter for Digital Rights and Responsibilities. She has also been a member of several advisory boards in cultural and third sector organisations and has a decade of experience as an independent consultant. Linkedin Profile.


Liliana is the current Director General of Digital Society at the Government of Catalonia. Her passion lies in bridging the digital divide and advocating for digital rights and responsibilities. She firmly believes that the European level is the ideal platform to drive meaningful change in these critical areas.

Her extensive background in Sociology, research, and digital social innovation equips her to address the challenges under the systemic perspective. Having led projects and advised cultural organizations, she is committed to shaping policies that empower individuals and promote equitable access to technology, as well as promoting universal design and cocreation of digital innovations.

Joining the Board of All Digital would allow Network Punt TIC to collaborate with like-minded organisations, oriented to drive impactful initiatives. Her motto is to advance towards an inclusive and equitable Digital Society where every citizen can seize the opportunities of the digital era according to their life purpose.


Marta Martorell

Fundació Privada i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya, Spain

Martorell is a leading figure in participatory process innovation, operating across local, regional & national spheres. Currently serving as Director of Digital Social Innovation at DST Area since May 2023, she previously held the position of Head of Social Innovation. With extensive experience spanning over 23 years, Marta has spearheaded research projects in cutting-edge technology domains and served as a Senior Consultant at the i2CAT Foundation, specializing in Innovation Business Development in the Public Sector. Her expertise lies in leveraging digital technologies to amplify citizen engagement. Marta’s consultancy has been instrumental in devising internationally recognized co-creation strategies and fostering a new political culture, anchored in the 4H vision. With a robust academic background, her research delves into the effective implementation of social innovation through participatory methodologies. Her advocacy for feminist leadership and her hands-on involvement in local governance have solidified her status as a key influencer in pioneering participatory processes. LinkedIn profile


I’m looking forward to joining the Board of the All Digital Association, leveraging my experience in digital social innovation and participatory processes to further the association’s mission of promoting digital literacy for all. From i2CAT as Director of Technologies for the Digital Society, I have the opportunity to lead research projects that bridge the digital divide and foster inclusion through ICTs. In addition, my consulting experience has honed my skills in empowering communities through innovative participatory processes. Passionate about digital rights and universal access, I am ready to collaborate with the other board members to further the association’s goals. With a strong academic background and practical experience in consulting and local government, I am ready to contribute to strategic decision-making. I am excited to bring to the Board my dedication to digital inclusion, digital rights and responsibilities and digital social innovation.

Guillem Porres Canals

Fundación Esplai Ciuadadanía Comprometida, Spain 

He studied Social Work at the University of Barcelona (UB) and the University of Salamanca (USAL) and is a university expert in Coding, Robotics and 3D Printing at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR). Guillem is a person linked to the activity of the “Third Sector” in all its breadth. He has worked from direct intervention with young people as a volunteer in several associations and also from the public administration as a Youth Worker in city councils of Catalonia and Castilla y León (Spain). He is a Youth Informer and Director of Leisure Time Activities. He is currently leading the Digital Divide Observatory (OBD) project from the Socio-educational and e-Inclusion Area. He has also represented Esplai for last 5 years as Vice-President of the association of digital competence centre networks, Somos Digtal. He joined Fundación Esplai in February 2016. LinkedIn Profile


The interest of Fundación Esplai in the candidacy of Guillem Porres has its origin in the role that our organisation can play in ALL DIGITAL . As co-founding members, our interest in ensuring the smooth running of the organisation is high and therefore it is in our interest to maintain our position on the board. Guillem is also a key player in the configuration of a greater coordination with our organisation and at the same time with Somos Digital, the organisation where he holds the vice-presidency. His profile is the best suited to cover Joel’s departure as he is one of our best experts also in issues related to digital competences, certifications and as he has been leading our organisation’s relationship with Microsoft Philanthropies for many years. He is a dedicated person with years of experience in the field of digital literacy for people at risk of social exclusion.

Katrin Schuberth

Helliwood media & education at fjs e.V., Germany

Graduated as Cultural Scientist and Media Consultant Katrin Schuberth has been developed her profession and expertise within the field of the promotion of media education and digital transformation. Since 2009 she is involved in promoting digital skills for children, youth, adults and elderlies to fulfill the aims of different NGOs situated in Berlin, Germany. Meanwhile her expertise covers the development of European, national, and regional projects including campaigning, trainings or educational material for multiple target groups. She is developing and realizing target group-oriented activities for public relation and stakeholder involvement.
She is an active representative of Helliwood media & education in the All Digital cosmos for more than 5 years. In 2020 she was part of the organizational committee to install the All Digital summit as hybrid event in Berlin. LinkedIn profile.  Detailed CV.


For years, Katrin Schuberth has passionately dedicated herself to closing the digital gap in intercultural projects and activities. As a coordinator, she has spearheaded vital initiatives aimed at advancing media literacy throughout Europe and Germany.
Her journey began with her groundbreaking diploma thesis in Media Consulting back in 2008, where she delved into digital services for elderly individuals, sparking her enduring commitment to translating the digital revolution for marginalized communities. With a profound motivation to champion digital inclusion, Katrin tirelessly advocates for understanding and accessibility across various political spheres. Her efforts extend beyond formal education, embracing non-formal and extracurricular learning avenues, and she remains at the forefront of adapting to emerging digital technologies such as AI.
As a representative of Helliwood media & education at fjs e.V., she amplifies the voices of training providers, advocating for comprehensive support for both educators and students.

Spaska Tarandova

Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation, Bulgaria

Spaska Tarandova’s entire professional experience is related to libraries, their development and modernization. She is the executive director of GLBF since its founding in 2013, while prior was the deputy director of the Sofia Metropolitan Library. An adult trainer with over 10 years of experience.
Spaska was among the creators of the successful campaign promoting children’s reading Fun Summer Reading. An active contributor to the Read with Me campaign, performed under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. An initiator of the room for early childhood development at the Sofia Metropolitan Library, produced in partnership with IKEA Bulgaria.
She is a member of the INELI group of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Standing Committee of the “Public Libraries” section of IFLA, the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association, and the editorial board of the e-magazine BLIA Online. LinkedIn profile. Web profile.


With over 30 years dedicated to development and innovation in the field of libraries and information, I am dedicated to advancing the vital role of libraries as societal pillars in Europe. As a second-term member of IFLA’s Public Libraries Section and Executive Director of the Global Libraries – Bulgaria Foundation, I will bring along my extensive expertise. I’ve established working relationships with Bulgarian MEPs and contributed to workshops in the European Parliament on topics related to libraries.
Recognizing contemporary challenges, I believe ALL DIGITAL should both benefit from and support European libraries as vibrant social hubs of lifelong learning and acquiring of skills. Leveraging ALL DIGITAL’s diverse membership, we can overcome the European digital divide and advance Sustainable Development Goals.
My commitment, experience, and network make me a strong candidate to contribute to ALL DIGITAL as a leader of digital libraries of the future in Europe.