Oleksandr Krushlynskyi - Communications Assistant • ALL DIGITAL
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Oleksandr Krushlynskyi – Communications Assistant

Our team

Main areas: Communications, Design, Brand and Visual Identity, Video-Photo production

E-mail contact: oleksandr.krushlynskyi(at)all-digital.org

Oleksandr is Communications Assistant at ALL DIGITAL. He has a deep knowledge of graphic design. He earned a master’s degree in Media & Communications from the National University of Kharkiv (Ukraine). He has 7 years of work experience as a freelance or working in a creative agency ( Arriba!) and NGO (BirdLife in Malta) as well. He is very skilled in creating attractive digital content, reliable, and good at meeting deadlines.

At university, he learned how to be a team player and well-organised person, how to negotiate with partners, and how to be more responsible for his results. He learned how to become a more creative person, learned digital skills and graphic competencies to create digital content, manage social media and translate complex content in an accessible format.  He has always strived to be a part of the change, so throughout his education, he has been used to be involved in volunteer activities, from being an educator in a children’s camps to large international projects like Erasmus + and European Solidarity Corps.

Oleksandr since school has always been very proactive. He used to organise competitions in high school, and he has been a student council member in the university.

In his free time, he enjoys studying new subjects, practicing sports, and exploring the world with his camera. Oleksandr speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.