Anna Facciorusso - Project Assistant • ALL DIGITAL
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About us, Our team

Anna Facciorusso is an undergraduate Digital Education student at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. In her future professional role as an Digital Educator she will be fully skilled in Online-Education Design and Media Literacy education, developping a strong foundation in instructional design models and theories, e-learning, innovative teaching methodologies, evaluation and communication. In addition, she is an AI Literacy enthusiast and she aime to write her degree thesis on this crucial topic, trying to question how AI affects daily and working life. Her goal is to make a practical contribution to improve the use of this technology, for a present and future society that is more aware of its risks and advantages.

She joined the All Digital team as part of the Erasmus+ traineeship program in March 2024 as a project assistance and she will be supporting project officers in daily activities.