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Association “We Are Digital” – Asociacion Somos Digital

20 Jun, 2014



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Main thematic area of expertise: Employability

Main thematic area of interest: Basic digital skills

The Association “Somos Digital” (“We Are Digital”), formerly known as Association Community of Spanish Telecenter Networks, is an entity constituted in 2008 with the objective of bringing together public administrations, organizations and groups that work in the creation and management of digital competence centers in Spain.

Currently, the Association consists of 11 networks of digital competence centers in Spain, aimed at the development of the Information Society, through the promotion of citizens’ access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), doing this activity not for profit but as a service to the community. Overall, the Association includes more than 1,400 digital competence centers with over 1,6 million users all over Spain.

The digital competence centers are public spaces where technology-based projects and initiatives among people are created, connecting them and stimulating their capacity to transform and improve the place where they live. Stemming from the public vocation, the activities and projects generated in these centers reduce the digital gap and bring markets closer together.

The digital competence centers pay special attention to disadvantaged population sectors. More than 60% of our training activities are aimed at groups within risk of social exclusion and people with disabilities, and more than 90% at people over 50, women and children, and over. Digital competence centers also offer support for e-government services, SMEs, and local social groups or agents. Besides, 7 out of 10 of these centers are located in towns with less than 10,000 inhabitants, and represent a commitment to their socioeconomic empowerment. Also, in the digital competence centers local businesses are provided with telecommunications infrastructures, digital capabilities, continuous training and new business opportunities.

In short, digital competence centers act as a point of support and leverage for the people to lead the development, wealth creation and employment opportunities in the territories with difficulties.

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Name: Jose Moreno Hortet
Position: Technical Secretary