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Main thematic area of expertise: Basic digital skills
Main thematic area of interest: Digital Media Literacy

Regional Telecottages Public Association of South Hungarian Plain (DTE), in close cooperation with Comnet, has been supporting the work of the Telecenters around the South Hungarian Plain (50 Telecentres in 3 counties) for 20 years.

DTE manages the Regional Telecentre Strategy and Operational Programs in accordance with the National Telecottage Strategy, in cooperation with the NGO for Community Networks, sets up new telecottages in the region, develops public services through pilot projects, and raises funds.


  • Networking of regional telecommunication services
  • Joint action on telecottages at home and abroad
  • EU information and training
  • Strengthening cross-border contacts
  • Protecting and improving the service quality and operational quality of telecottages (telecottage monitoring)
  • Providing common PR activities for telecottages
  • Carrying out entrepreneurial activities in order to fulfill the basic tasks of the Association

DTE has been a licenced Adult Education Institution since 2003. Adult Education License Number: E-000441/2014;

Their licensed training:

  1. Smartphone from Selection to Administration – E-000441/2014 / D001
  2. Economically efficient  Civil Society Organizations- Practical Training for Social Entrepreneurs – E-000441/2014 / D002
  3. Getting Started in the Digital World IKER Level 1 Training – E-000441/2014 / D003
  4. I use my IT tools independently IKER Level 2 Training – E-000441/2014 / D004
  5. Searching a job using the Social Media Tools- E-000441/2014 / D

Here you can find more information on the training programmes, also available in English

  • Training for Senior Contemporary Group leaders curriculum
  • Preparing Intergenerational helpers curriculum
  • Preparing Intergenerational helpers – distance learning curriculum

In 2017, DTE was the first to win the “Civil Society Award” award, granted by the Municipality of Csongrad County to the best NGOs.

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