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AUPEX: Folk-High-School Association of Extremadura

28 Sep, 2016



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AUPEX is a non-profit organisation uniting over 210 folk-high-schools, most of them located in rural areas. The organization develops a variety of lifelong learning projects in the field of culture, environment, art, languages, democratic values, citizen participation and, particularly, social inclusion.


– Plays an essential role in the lifelong learning of those who live in rural areas and marginal neighbourhoods in 211 towns of Extremadura, focusing on social-labor inclusion and citizen participation. Thus, AUPEX contributes to a better society, creating the conditions for the equal opportunities among citizenship and empowering people in a changing and challenging context, in order to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive development.

-Manages the “Digital Skills Programme for Employability of Extremadura“, implemented in over 75 digital competence centers across the region reaching over 29,000 users every year. The “Digital Skills Programme for Employability of Extremadura”  implements digital inclusion-related training actions, so that the unemployed, minorities, youngsters and groups at risk of exclusion can find an opportunity for their social inclusion and to improve their employability.


– Develops different projects in the field of art and culture, in order to value cultural heritage, boost the enrichment of cultural offer, and to guarantee universal access to culture. Critical thinking, open dialogue, interculturality, artistic expression, inclusion and personal development are part of the AUPEX’ foundations, considering culture in the base of social cohesion.

– Operates mainly at local and regional level, although the organisation has an extensive experience in international cooperation and participates actively in different international associations, forums and projects.

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Name: Evangelina Sánchez Calle
Position: Area Manager