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Association "Langas į ateitį" (Window to the Future)

20 Jun, 2014



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Langas į ateitį is a Lithuanian non-profit initiative launched in 2002 by socially responsible private business companies promoting the use of internet in Lithuania, encouraging society to safely use ICT in their everyday life and in this way stimulating the growth of the living standard of Lithuanian citizens for successful implementation of ICT training projects. Digitally and geographically excluded residents and youth are target groups.

Main results achieved since 2002:

  1. “Langas į ateitį”  initiated the establishment of Public Internet Access Points (PIAP) in public libraries. The initiative has been joined by other forces (private, state and EU funds), over 1200 PIAP with free internet access are on function at present.
  2. “Langas į ateitį” initiated and implemented projects in which over 100 000 adults participated in ICT basics training courses funded  by private business and EU SF funds. 20 000 participants graduated from the online courses since 2008. Safer Internet trainings were attended by 5000 school community members and librarians.
  3. “Langas į ateitį”  is a winner of numerous awards in the country and EU.
  4. Since 2013 “Langas į ateitį”is a coordinator of the National Digital Coalition of Lithuania (

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Name: Rita Šukytė
Position: Managing Director