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Enter Sweden IT-guide

09 Dec, 2014



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Enter Sweden has started telecentres in Sweden where young immigrants help senior citizens with Internet and everything there is to know about computers and mobile telephones. We support the telecentres with education, guidance and advertising.

Enter Sweden works with a project that is called It-guide. It-guide® has been in progress for four years in the city of Orebro, Sweden. Young immigrants, who have been in their new country for 1-3 years, help senior citizens with the Internet and everything there is to know about computers and mobile telephones. These it-guides have salary when they work as it-guide and it is free for senior citizens to learn from the it-guides. We also educate adult immigrants about internet.

Our aim is to expand in Sweden and internationally and work together with other people and organisations in Europe. Watch our film: He showed me the whole world.


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Name: Gunilla Lundberg
Position: Director