Smart Women project meeting in Cyprus • ALL DIGITAL
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Smart Women project meeting in Cyprus

16 May, 2017

Smart Women project team in CyprusThe Smart women team had their second project meeting on 10-11 May in Larnaca, Cyprus, hosted by project partner Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) . The meeting involved ALL DIGITAL and six of its members: Langas į ateitį from Lithuania, LIKTA from Latvia, EOS from Romania, Dedalo Foundation for the Development of the Information Society from Spain, Malta Communications Authority, and CCS.

The meeting covered the next steps of the projects leading to a foundation of the methodological framework, course plan, and dissemination. Following this more communications on the project, the website and resources will be available through the @SmartWomenEU Facebook and twitter accounts and the website.

SMART Women is a project that aims to design and deliver a training programme specialising in Entrepreneurship and eCommerce. The programme aims at increasing the knowledge and competences of female individuals in the area of electronic commerce and business to enable them to improve the employment prospects or business opportunities of the participants.

By the end of the programme, the following changes should be noted on the participants:

  • This project will present the participants with a business friendly environment by means of a strong entrepreneurship education that provides support tools for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Participants will be in a better position to understand the importance of the internet in entrepreneurship, in particular ecommerce, which will open the possibility to social integration in the EU.
  • They would overcome barriers in acquisition of digital competences and have a strong opinion that their business plan or idea can be implemented. This would be achieved by sharing of resources and by means of debates on key topics.
  • Mutual understanding among societal organisations, business, education and training organisation will be enhanced, and the attitude toward entrepreneurship and self-employment is expected to change.


Through the delivery of the curricula, meetings, discussions and analysis and sharing of ideas, participants will enhance their knowledge on the use of ICT, which can significantly help new businesses to thrive. The programme will help inspiring digital entrepreneurs to fully exploit the potential of ICT, both in terms of supply of new digital products and services, and in terms of demand and smart use of these technologies.

Participants will learn the fundamentals of business and how to operate in a complex and fast moving eco-system, where networking and experimenting is paramount. They would understand that web start-ups are cheaper to set-up and the entry barriers are low, making them an attractive vehicle to start an entrepreneurial career.As a result, tailored support and training will be offered to structurally strengthen the web start-up ecosystem.