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New Board Elected for 2017-2019

17 Mar, 2017

On March 9, 2017, the Telecentre Europe General Assembly (TEGA) was held in Brussels. 35 Telecentre Europe member organisations were represented to review, discuss and vote on the approval of the last year’s activity report and accounts as well as the workplan and budget for 2017. Among the important agenda topics was also the election of the new board for the next two years.

Because of the growing number of member organisations, about which we are very excited, it was decided to increase the number of Board members from seven to nine to better serve the needs of the Telecentre Europe network. Before the meeting in Brussels, all TE members could get acquainted with the candidates’ bios; and at the General Assembly the candidates had to do a one-minute pitch to attract the voters.

As a result of the voting, four of the previous Board members were re-elected, and five new members joined the Board to govern Telecentre Europe for the next two years. Mara Jakobsone and Pedro Aguilera Cortes were re-elected to be the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Board; and each Board member will also take on specific responsibilities based on their expertise and interest.

We are proud to present you our new Board for 2017-2019:

  1. Mara Jakobsone – Chair of the Board (LIKTA, Latvia)
  2. Pedro Aguilera Cortés – Deputy Chair of the Board (ESPLAI Foundation, Spain)
  3. Mariusz Boguszewski (FRSI, Poland)
  4. Veronique de Leener  (Maks vzw, Belgium)
  5. Achilles Kameas (Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”, Greece)
  6. Mark Schembri (Malta Communications Authority, Malta)
  7. Ivan Stojilovic (International Aid Network, Serbia)
  8. Altheo Valentini (Associazione Centro Studi di Foligno, Italy)
  9. Nenja Wolbers (Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Germany)


Telecentre Europe would like to thank the previous Board members for their contribution to the development of the organization. Each Board member received a Letter of Appreciation for their service from Telecentre Europe. Special thanks go to Gerhard Seiler from 21 Century Competence Centre (Germany) and Rodrigo Zardoya from Dedalo Foundation (Spain) for their time and effort in making the organization stronger and more sustainable. They are no longer part of the Board, but we hope very much they will still be active members and supporters of the network in other roles.

To make the work of Telecentre Europe more efficient in its financial matters and to ensure transparency, the General Assembly also elected financial controllers – Laure Lemaire (Interface 3, Belgium), Gitte Olsen (ICT Telecentre-Denmark, Denmark) and Rodrigo Zardoya (Dedalo Foundation, Spain).

We wish our new Board members perseverance, new ideas, and inspiration to lead the organization to new achievements and success!