Ivan Stojilovic • ALL DIGITAL
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Ivan Stojilovic

Former board members

Member organisation: International Aid Network
Country: Serbia

Ivan Stojilovic works at the International Aid Network as a Programme manager for Education, Youth and Digital Inclusion. Ivan has coordinated over 50 different projects focused on promotion of digital inclusion in Serbia and empowerment of various vulnerable groups and their inclusion through informal education. He possesses extensive experience in establishing and organising activities and work of new telecentres, as well as in the evaluation of effects of educational programmes.

From 2016 he has worked as an assistant professor at the Alfa University in Belgrade. He received a Doctoral degree in Psychology from the Faculty of Philosophy and a Master degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Ivan is a coordinator of the “Get Online Week” and “Silver surfers” campaigns in Serbia. He has been a member of the Board of ALL DIGITAL, contributing to the development of the organization, since 2010.