Virginia Pareja • ALL DIGITAL
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Virginia Pareja

About us, Former board members

Member organisation: Fundacion Esplai

Country: Spain


Virginia is managing the Social-Educational and e-Inclusion Area of Fundacion Esplai. She is a person with a big social commitment. She has been an active and sustained volunteer since 2000, and after quitting her job as consultant in the private sector, came to work in the social field. Due to her volunteering in the penitentiary field since 2003, Fundación Esplai offered her the opportunity to coordinate a big project of digital literacy training in eight Spanish prisons. She accepted it, and 10 years later she is still working for Fundación Esplai with new adventures always in the horizon.


Throughout these years, Virginia has learnt many things and acquired new personal and professional competences and skills. She has worked with diverse teams and coordinated a big number of projects at both national and international level. Networking, collaboration, inclusion and illusion are some of her key words. New challenges are her main motivation.


Virginia served on the Board of ALL DIGITAL during 2018-2021.