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Achilles Kameas

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Member organisation: Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”
Country: Greece


Dr.Eng. Achilles D. Kameas is Professor of Pervasive and Mobile Systems with Hellenic Open University (HOU), Deputy Dean of the HOU School of Science & Technology, Head of DAISSy Research Group, Scientific Coordinator of Research Unit 3 at Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” and member of the ESCO Group of experts, the CEN PC428 on e-competences and ICT Professionalism, the CEPIS IT Professionalism in Europe, the EADTU Course & Curriculum pool of experts, the ELOT Standardization Committee on Smart Cities and the CEDEFOP Community of VET practitioners (WG on integration of migrants). He has contributed to e-CF 3.0, DigComp 2.1, ESCO on ICT and ISO 37101.


He has participated in more than 45 EU and national R&D projects (coordinated more than 10 of them), published over 150 scientific articles and received more than 2000 citations. For over 25 years, Achilles has been promoting science, STEM education and ICT and digital competences to young people, professionals, policy makers, citizens and vulnerable groups at regional, national and European levels. His current research interests include peer learning platforms and social systems, IoT and mobile computing systems, digital skills, profiling of job roles and flexible learning paths.
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  • Years of service on the Board of ALL DIGITAL: 2017-2023
  • Years of service as the Chair of the Board: 2019-2021