ALL DIGITAL's 8th General Assembly and members' meeting to be held on 8-9 May 2018 • ALL DIGITAL
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ALL DIGITAL’s 8th General Assembly and members’ meeting to be held on 8-9 May 2018

01 May, 2018

The ALL DIGITAL’s 8th General Assembly will be held on 8 May, followed by a membership meeting on 9 May.
General Assembly consists of representatives of ALL DIGITAL member organisations (one representative per organisation) and is held once a year. At the upcoming Assembly, the network members will review and approve the main documents, such as the Annual Accounts, Report, Action Plan. Budget, etc. Also the new Strategic plan for 2018-2020 will be presented and discussed.

At 2018 General Assembly we will hold additional Board election for 2 Board member positions. Any representative of the member organisation can be nominated for the Board; the nominatios are closed on 24 April, two weeks before the General Assembly on 8 May. Following the elections of two new Board members, the General Assembly will elect a new Deputy Chair and a new Financial Controller.

The Member’s meeting is the opportunity for members to debate and agree on th

e main events and member services. The Membership meeting on 9 May will include the following items for discussion:

  • Membership engagement and services for members
  • Training opportunities for members
  • ALL DIGITAL WEEK – results and impact in 2018; collective planning for 2019
  • Pathways4Employ workshop “Digital skills needed in two interesting profiles for employment offering opportunities in the coming years: entrepreneur and ‘virtual worker”
  • ALL DIGITAL SUMMIT – presentation of concept; discussion on the programme, format and speakers
  • NetAcad programme – presentation of the partnership between ALL DIGITAL and Cisco; Opportunities for members to join

Learn more on Basecamp (for members)

We look forward to seeing our members in Brussels!

Members’ meeting in Brussels 2017