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Have your say on Competence Framework for STE(A)M Educators!

27 Nov, 2020

Our project  STEAMonEdu – “Competence development of STE(A)M educators through online tools and communities”  aims to increase the adoption and impact of STE(A)M education by investing in the professional development of educators and in establishing a community of stakeholders.

To this end, the project drafted a Competence Framework for STE(A)M Educators, which

  • summarizes the set of competences needed to realize STE(A)M education,
  • provides links to other competence frameworks, and
  • can serve as the basis for planning the professional development of STE(A)M educators.


We are inviting to participate in the evaluation of the Framework!

The online survey aims to validate and possibly enhance the Competence Framework for STE(A)M educators. We are looking for responses from:

  • educators, researchers, school managers/directors, policy makers and other stakeholders
  • of all levels of education
  • from different organizations, regions, and countries


The survey is available in seven languages:

 English  |  Català  |  Deutsch  |  Eλληνικά  |  Español  |  Italiano  |  Româna

It should take about 20-30 min to complete the survey, depending on how familiar someone is with the topic. But it is possible to work on it in different sessions because the tool allows you to “save now and continue later”.

Please complete by 17 January 2021!