STE(A)M Education for Educators MOOC from our STEAMonEdu project starts on 10 May • ALL DIGITAL
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STE(A)M Education for Educators MOOC from our STEAMonEdu project starts on 10 May

04 May, 2021

The STEAMonEdu project is funded under the Erasmus+/KA3 programme and aims to contribute to innovative and cross-disciplinary approaches in implementing STE(A)M education by revising and strengthening the professional profile of the teaching profession. No transition to STEM or STE(A)M education will ever be possible without the active and full involvement of educators. As teaching strategies are changing, educators need to update their competence profiles in order to face STE(A)M education challenges.

In this context, STEAMonEdu consortium has developed the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “STE(A)M education for educators: Design, orchestration and implementation of STE(A)M education”. The Course is based on the five perspectives of the STEAMonedu Competence Framework for STE(A)M educators, which represent the different roles that a STE(A)M educator can have during the educational procedure:

  1. Educator as teacher-trainer-tutor
  2. Educator as learning designer and creator
  3. Educator as orchestrator and manager
  4. Educator as community member
  5. Educator as professional


Who is it for

The MOOC is addressed to all individuals who are interested in applying or finding out about STE(A)M education, such as:

  • active educators (teachers, trainers etc.) at all levels and settings of formal and non-formal education;
  • managers/directors at all levels of formal and non-formal education;
  • students or graduates.



MOOC participants will gain knowledge and develop competences in the following areas:

  • Modern approaches of STE(A)M education
  • Design and implementation of STE(A)M educational activities
  • Content creation for STE(A)M education
  • STE(A)M educational procedure and resource management
  • Community building, participation and interaction
  • Policies in the context of STE(A)M education
  • Competence frameworks and lifelong learning opportunities


Dates and effort

The MOOC will be launched on 10 May 2021.

The effort is estimated to 4-6 hours per week



Participation and Certification

Participation is open and unlimited. The MOOC offers free (no fee) enrollment to anyone anywhere with network access.

In addition to traditional course materials, such as filmed lectures, readings, and problem sets, the MOOC will provide interactive courses with user forums or social media discussions to support community interactions among learners, tutors, teaching assistants and mentors, as well as immediate feedback to quick quizzes and assignments.

After the successful completion of the MOOC, you will get a certificate on “STE(A)M education for educators” issued by the STEAMonEdu consortium.

Are you interested in joining the MOOC?

For more information about the MOOC and for registration, visit