26.03 Competence Needs and Professional Development of STE(A)M Educators • ALL DIGITAL
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Theme:  digital skills, STEAM, STEM Education

Start date:  26 March 14:30 CET

End date:  26 March 16:00 CET

Location:  online

Organiser(s):  ALL DIGITAL and STEAMonEdu Project Consortium

Target audience:  STE(A)M educators

26.03 Competence Needs and Professional Development of STE(A)M Educators

17 Feb, 2021

The event was organised within the All Digital Week 2021 campaign.


The event involved 153 participants and highlighted the central role of educators and aims to support them in implementing STE(A)M education. It discussed how the STEAMonEdu Erasmus+ KA3 project addresses the competence needs and professional development of STE(A)M educators.

During the event, the key activities, findings and outputs of the STEAMonEdu project were presented. The agenda highlighted the three aspects of the project, namely:

  • Community: Teachers and educators are given a central role as members of a community that is supported by an online platform in collecting best practices, designing educational scenarios, discussing the necessary competences and sharing experience.
  • Ecosystem: The STE(A)M competence framework details the competences necessary for implementing STE(A)M education leading to the the STE(A)M educator profile and supporting a STE(A)M-readiness self-assessment tool for educators and organizations, while the STE(A)M education framework describes the related methodologies, body of knowledge, OERs and practices.
  • Professional development of teachers and educators: The project will deliver a training course, which includes a MOOC that is based on the STE(A)M competence framework, supplemented by a blended course that will result in the collaborative development of STE(A)M learning activity templates and projects.

The event was moderated by Prof Achilles Kameas, Chair of the Board of ALL DIGITAL.


14:30-14:35 00:00:28 Welcome. Peter Palvolgyi, CEO of ALL DIGITAL. Presentation
14:35-14:45 00:06:35 Key results of the STEAMonEdu project. Prof Achilles Kameas, CTI. Presentation
14:45-15:00 00:20:30 STE(A)M Educator Competence Framework. Natalia Spyropoulou, CTI.  Presentation
15:00-15:15 00:31:40 STE(A)M Education Framework. Mihai Iacob, EOS Romania Foundation. Presentation
15:15-15:30 00:44:55 STEAMonEdu Training Offer. Ioannis Zaharakis, CTI. Presentation
15:30-15:45 01:02:00 STEAMonEdu online platform and community. Esther Subias, Colectic. Presentation
15:45-16:00 01:12:00 Final remarks. How to get involved