Project Funded by:  H2020 Topic SwafS-08-2019-2020 “Research innovation needs & skills training in PhD programmes”

Project Duration:  36 months

Start Date:  01/01/2020

End Date:  31/12/2022


DocEnhance “Enhancing skills intelligence and integration into existing PhD programmes by providing transferable skills training through an open online platform”

06 Jan, 2020

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DocEnhance aims to enhance transferable skills intelligence and integration into existing PhD programmes by

  1. involving the non-academic sector in developing a more employment and innovation-oriented curriculum for PhD programmes,
  2. facilitating work-based learning and business-education partnerships through developing PhD courses, and
  3. tracking of PhD graduate career paths.

The major outputs of the project are a recommended transferable skills curriculum for PhD programmes, a novel course concept and material, and an open access career tracking survey.

The project will focus on transferable skills, as these skills facilitate the transition into employment and are widely applicable, regardless of scientific field and chosen career path. All project outputs will be provided as freely available Open Educational Resources through an online platform, the DocEnhance Platform. This platform will function as a comprehensive, user-friendly and equal access point for transferable skills intelligence and training in research education for researchers in all career stages, as well as a community and networking site, designed to live beyond the project lifetime.

DocEnhance builds on a large, diverse and experienced consortium, several existing EU-projects and other initiatives to achieve these ambitious goals. The External Advisory Board and the Industry Reference Group represent the major stakeholders and end users of the project outputs, and their involvement is ensured through a co-creation approach that includes project evaluation and validation events.

All project outputs will be piloted among several European partner universities during the project for proof-of-concept. A project partner from Africa and member university of the World University Network represents the interests of non-European countries.


  1. The Arctic University of Norway, Norway – Project Coordinator
  2. ALL DIGITAL, Belgium
  3. University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic
  4. Tampere University, Finland
  5. European Science Foundation, France
  6. Tree of Science SAS, France
  7. Technical University of Munich, Germany
  8. University of Ghana, Ghana
  9. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  10. European University Foundation, Luxembourg
  11. Maastricht University, Netherlands
  12. Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Norway
  13. NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal
  14. Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
  15. Fundación Universidad-Empresa, Spain
  16. University of Alcalá, Spain
  17. Karlstad University, Sweden
  18. InnoExc, Switzerland
  19. The Adecco Group, Switzerland