Project Funded by:  Erasmus+

Project Duration:  24 months

Start Date:  01/09/2016

End Date:  31/08/2018



01 Sep, 2016

We have identified two interesting profiles for employment and digital competences offering opportunities in the coming years: entrepreneur and ‘virtual office worker’.

The aim of the project is to define their competences profiles based on DigComp. We are focusing on non-formal and informal education as we want to address people taking part in activities outside a formal education environment, for example people in volunteer services or people with a lack of formal education.

Our objective is to foster the assessment of digital competences by supporting the recognition and validation of skills and qualifications: taking the DigComp framework as reference to ensure that skills and qualifications can be more easily recognised across.

An assessment web tool will be developed to assess and recognize the digital competences of people. We will use Mozilla Open badges to give visibility to those competences, because they meet the needs of lifelong learners and people acquiring skills in non-formal and informal activities, for example, though volunteering. The patchwork way our learning is currently recognized means that many of our abilities are unevenly recognized or not recognized at all. There are skills, abilities and knowledge acquired outside classroom walls that lack the necessary credentials.

The project contributes to defining the recognition pathways and how to display expertise and abilities gained in ways that employers find relevant. We will do this by developing a web assessment tool that will allow users to assess their digital competences aligned with the DigComp framework, implementing a digital competence portfolio. The platform will provide a self-assessment tool that will present an initial digital competences portfolio. Then users will be able to assess their digital competences of the profile selected using the assessment tool updating.

Download the project flyer here