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Project Funded by:  ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PCOOP-ENGO

Project Duration:  30

Start Date:  01/01/2024

End Date:  30/06/2026

Accessible Digital EDUcation – ADEDU

16 Jan, 2024

The ADEDU project aims at supporting educators, trainers and learning centres in upskilling and innovating their offers by including people affected by learning disabilities and facilitating digital transition and overall inclusion of excluded target audiences.

Educators and trainers will benefit from tailored outputs:

  • Training course
  • Capacity building activities to share, learn from peers, take inspiration and network
  • Guidelines on inclusive communication and digital learning environments to facilitate innovation and inclusion at any stage of the learning process at all levels

Throughout the duration of the project, partners expect at least 600 educators from at least 10 European countries registered in the training and at least 100 organisations, and learning centres, to join the capacity building activities benefitting from the good practices, experts and organisations involved.

Additionally, project partners will organise at least 10 webinars to expand the learning effectiveness and raise awareness campaigns on learning disabilities and their impact on education are planned to reach at least 8.000 engagements among educators, learning centres, staff members of educational organisations and the general public for a more inclusive society.

The consortium expects 200 organisations to receive the Guidelines on inclusive communication and 100 on inclusive digital learning environments to drive change across Europe.

The expected results from the 12 deliverables planned (guidelines, content based and digital tools and reports), rely on trainers’ and educators’ skill-up, increasing their educational offers to people affected by learning disabilities, especially on digital competences, and skills relevant to other fields and sectors; on innovating education, networking, supporting, exchanging of processes, formats, solutions and needs to include Europeans with learning disabilities in society, forward looking innovation in social inclusion, education, and digital transformation diversifying education considering disabilities needs.

Project Partners: