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Project Funded by:  Erasmus+ KA220-HED - Cooperation partnerships in higher education

Project Duration:  30

Start Date:  01/12/2023

End Date:  30/05/2026


INFINITE – artificial intelligence For professional and pedagogical practices in Higher Education

22 Apr, 2024

The INFINITE project aims to make the best use of AI for teaching, learning and assessment in Higher Education (HE).


The project aims to prepare:

  • academics to use AI for innovative teaching and assessment, promoting students’ understanding of the interdisciplinary nature and implications this emerging technology has in various fields.
  • students to leverage AI for their learning, through a complementary blended course designed for them.

In an interconnected way, this results in reducing the skills mismatch, improving learners’ forwarding skills which are put at the forefront by today and the future workforce and society.



The project is based on four specific objectives:
  • Raising awareness about the affordances and challenges of AI for stimulating innovative professional and pedagogical practices in HE
  • Developing hands-on resources for HE academics to recognize and leverage AI for their professional and pedagogical practice, considering the ethical implications
  • Building HE academics’ and students’ digital competences, readiness and resilience to effectively use AI with ethical responsibility and integrity, for teaching, learning and assessment
  • Promoting higher education institutions’ digital transformation through capacity-building and preparedness of the HE community, to leverage AI for professional and pedagogical practices



The project partners work together to achieve the following results:

  • Desk and field research mapping the landscape of AI in higher education
  • AI Literacy Toolkit with a collection of 35 best case studies, readiness checklist and visualized framework for HE academics to get familiar with and select AI tools for professional and pedagogical practices
  • AI Digital Hub – an interactive platform to assist HE academics with wide range of free AI-driven tools and examples for professional, teaching, learning and assessment purposes
  • Faculty and student capacity-building courses on how to critically and wisely use AI for teaching, learning and assessment
  • Action Plan for HEIs



Building academics’ skills to use AI for their professional (i.e., communication, collaboration, lifelong learning) and pedagogical practices (i.e., teaching, learning, assessment) with focus on ethical responsibility, will work as a domino effect for the digital transformation of the HE sector and increase the employability of HE graduates related to digital resilience and capacity.