GenAIEdu - Integrating Generative AI in Adult Education: Empowering Teachers, Trainers and Facilitators • ALL DIGITAL
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Project Funded by:  Microsoft

Project Duration:  12

Start Date:  01/10/2023

End Date:  30/09/2024

GenAIEdu – Integrating Generative AI in Adult Education: Empowering Teachers, Trainers and Facilitators

08 Nov, 2023

The main aim of the project is to empower and support digital education and transformation stakeholders across Europe, in the provision of basic digital skills and competences, specifically the knowledge and understanding of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and integrating GenAI in their education and training services. The project will be primarily, but not exclusively, targeted at ALL DIGITAL’s member organizations.


The project offers a series of online training courses aimed at teachers, trainers and facilitators as well as staff members of ALL DIGITAL member organisations who are providing skilling resources and training at all levels to mainly adult learners in local communities, and who are interested in integrating GenAI into their practices while taking ethical considerations into account. A basic familiarity with digital technologies and understanding of educational practices is recommended.


GenAIEdu training program, the related resources and additional services will be offered through ALL DIGITAL Academy, which ensures tracking all learning activities and verifying the completion of courses, by successfully completing the assessment tests and earning badges. The training program consist of seven self-contained courses, each lasting approximately four hours:


  • Course 1: Introduction to AI
  • Course 2: Introduction to Generative AI
  • Course 3: Generative AI and Digital Resources
  • Course 4: Generative AI in Teaching and Learning
  • Course 5: Generative AI in Assessment
  • Course 6: Empowering Learners with Generative AI
  • Course 7: Facilitating Learners’ Digital Competence with Generative AI


The training program provides teachers and trainers with the knowledge and competences necessary to effectively leverage GenAI technologies in adult educational settings.


The courses will be offered in English language, but some learning contents will be available in other languages.