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Project Funded by:  KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education

Project Duration:  24

Start Date:  01/12/2023

End Date:  30/11/2025

Website:  https://eagleproject.net/en/

EAGLE – New educational methodology for adult educators

30 Jan, 2024

The main objective of the EAGLE project is to create a new educational methodology for adult educators. The educators will be trained to create learner-centered educational content, based on game-based simulation, to support and encourage their adult learners to engage in their learning process and achieve their learning goals.


Namely, adult educators will be trained to incorporate the principles of andragogy in their teaching methods, focusing on the following topics:

  • Green skills and sustainability,
  • Employees’ rights in teleworking in the post-covid era
  • Specific digital skills for adult educators.


The training material will be further structured as a scenario-based serious-game in which the trained educators will practice the gained knowledge and skills in a 3D virtual environment, ensuring an immersive and realistic experience.


The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the qualifications of adult educators in providing learner-centered educational content.
  • to equip adult educators with up-to-date material about current topics such as employees’ rights; green skills and digital skills enriched with the principles of andragogy.
  • To foster the digital skills of adult educators through the provision of an innovative 3D virtual world learning environment in which they can perform gamified activities.


EAGLE’s main target groups are:

  • Adult educators of all categories (provide formal and no-formal adult learning)- who will enhance their teaching skills and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of andragogy in comprehending educational content through interactive and engaging learning experiences in a 3D Virtual World environment resulting to become familiar with these types of learning and acquire the necessary skills to teach them to their students.
  • Actors and educators related to adult learners (Career guidance experts, Tutors, Professors, Mentors, HRs, etc.) – who will reinforce their training methods toward promoting human-centered interactions and play for learning.


Main Activities:

  • Creating learner-center educational content by incorporating the principals of Andragogy
  • Creation of the gamified activities
  • Development of the gamified learning environment
  • Disseminate, Pilot Testing and evaluate the produced training method



  • 3 Training Modules – written following the principle of Andragogy – focusing on digital skills, green skills and sustainability, and employee rights
  • 6 Game-based Learning educational scenarios based on the training modules
  • 1 3D Virtual Word Gamified Platform hosting the training modules and GBL Scenarios
  • 1 pilot test with 120 testers
  • National dissemination events


Project Partners: