Belgium’s Digital Champion About e-Skills Young People Need • ALL DIGITAL
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Belgium’s Digital Champion About e-Skills Young People Need

05 May, 2015

Telecentre Europe met with the Digital Champion of Belgium Saskia Van Uffelen earlier in April. A mother of five and CEO of Ericsson BeLux, S. Van Uffelen was invited to European Young Innovators Forum event to share her experience on what skills are crucial for today’s career and how to obtain them.

An informal “coffee meeting” format led to an interactive discussion where we used the opportunity to interview Saskia about digital skills (aka e-skills) and digital jobs.

Saskia has worked with the Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes in the digital ambassadors’ team for two years. Digitalisation of education, e-commerce and e-skills are Saskia’s priorities as Digital Champion. She thinks that “digital” today is about new services, innovative business models and data. As an employer, Saskia brings the responsibility to anticipate what jobs will not exist anymore and prepare her employees for a digital change to make them re-employable.

In her view, technology has led us to a networked society where stakeholders are constantly changing: our competitors of today will not necessarily be the competitors of tomorrow.

“Some of the activities that NGOs are doing, will be more and more a shared responsibility and maybe in 2030 every company will have an NGO responsibility integrated and shared with each other.”

Watch our 6-minute interview here: