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It’s time to register for European GOW 2016!

17 Nov, 2015

European Get Online Week (or simply GOW) is Telecentre-Europe’s flagship initiative and a digital empowerment campaign run at libraries, community centres, schools and non-for-profits across Europe every March. Next year on 14-20th of March GOW will encourage Europeans to use the Internet and technology in a safe and confident way to improve their digital skills, job opportunities, and their overall quality of life.

Each year Telecentre Europe invites its members to become national partners in their countries to coordinate the campaign activities. Registration for becoming a national partner of GOW 2016 is open now and will be available until 1st of December. Telecentre Europe will financially support the campaign partners by providing a number of grants.

In 2016 the campaign will be organised around two main interconnected themes: trust and confidence, and digital jobs. To address key policy actions under the Digital Single Market, GOW 2016 will raise awareness about online identities, cyber-security, ICT skills and available tools so that European citizens become confident Internet users. As one of the major milestones of eSkills for Jobs campaign next year, GOW will bring stakeholders together at national and local level to provide training and support to youth and unemployed towards digital careers.

For more info and regular updates check the official campaign website:

Since the first campaign in 2010, today GOW counts 160,000 first time Internet users, and over 12 million Europeans who have heard about the importance of e-Skills and the great work done at telecentres.

Interested how the last campaign went? Click here to view the wrap up infographic! or check the 2015 campaign report