Project Funded by:  Erasmus+

Project Duration:  36 months

Start Date:  01/09/2017

End Date:  31/08/2020



15 Oct, 2017

ASK4JOB is a pan-European educational pathway for long-term unemployed and low-skilled adults, which contributes to:

  1. digital citizenship, meant as open access and participation in the society with a full digital awareness;
  2. digital inclusion, meant as quality of opportunities in the use of the network and for the development of a fun-innovative culture.

There is a need to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe, due to the fact that 90% of jobs require some level of digital skills whatever the sector; all jobs will change, and many will disappear while one third of the EU workforce has insufficient digital skills.

In order to support the upskilling of adults, ASK4JOB will produce an informative kita set of tools to assess educational pathway and value digital literacy competences. Direct beneficiaries for this kit will be long-term unemployed (2 years or more), low-skilled people and people coming from previous work experience. It is indeed a fragile target since the more they stay unemployed the more it become difficult to find a job. ASK4JOB  adapts the DIGCOMP 2.0 framework to this specific target, which is quite a new application of the framework.

ASK4JOB aims at strengthening and upskilling this target group in order to make them efficiently manage information technology for work, leisure time, and communication. The ASK4JOB kit addresses both public and private employment agencies as well as education providers for adults, who can incorporate the Kit within their upskilling pathways of adults competences.

The project will deliver three main products:

  1. Skills Assessment for Job Requirements – an online self-assessment that adapts the DIGCOM  2,0 to the needs of long term unemployed adults, to foster their digital competences, needed to implement work-related activities
  2. Capability A-MOOC – tailored to adults completed by guidelines to be used by professional counsellors and adult educators as well as by other professional figures involved in supporting activities for job seekers.
  3. Appreciative Validation – a procedural methodology (guide) for the appreciative validation of non-formal competence of low-skilled adults.

During the project lifetime, 200 low skilled unemployed adults will benefit of the pathway as testers and they will contribute, through their experience, to validate the final tools within the European dimension.

The project needs to be delivered trans-nationally because the development of ASK4JOB kit requires a degree of internationalization of contents and technical solutions, as well as a validation of products, which allows its usability at the European level. Moreover, it is essential to get know-how and resources from organizations that complement each other, as no single organization is able to embark on this challenge on its own. In pursuit of ASK4JOB objectives, 11 partner organisations (public and private) from 9 countries are combining their expertise in innovative didactics and their competence in the field of adult education. ALL DIGITAL, as pan-European network of non-profit organisations, will particularly take care of the transnational impact of the project.


  1. E.RI.FO. – Ente di ricerca e formazione, Italy
  2. Instalofi Levante SL, Spain
  3. Turgutlu Kaymakamligi, Turkey
  4. Best Cybernetics, Greece
  5. Foxpopuli, Sweden
  6. Vilnius Adult Education Center, Lithuania
  7. Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Lodzi, Poland
  8. Directorate of Secondary Education, Chania, Greece
  9. Fundacja Instytut Badan, Poland
  10. Business Foundation for Education, Bulgaria
  11. ALL DIGITAL, Belgium