Smart Women project launches a course to get women starting online businesses

24 Apr, 2018

The future of business lies in e-commerce. E-commerce allows business to reach more customers around the world, at more hours and in more capacities. The clear majority of customers these days will search the web before making a purchase, the internet is the new yellow pages. Thus, any business that starts today are still not online. To address this issue, the Smart Women project developed an easy-to-use training programme to train women to bring their business online.

In May, the calls for participants in the following countries will be opened: Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, and Romania, and the training course will begin shortly thereafter.

The course will last at least 40 hours and there will be 5 modules. Project partners will offer courses in their countries:
Langas I Ateiti will offer the course in Lithuania

LIKTA will offer the course in Latvia

Cyprus Computer Society will offer the course in Cyprus

Malta Communications Authority will offer the course in Malta

EOS will offer the course in Romania

Fundacion Dedalo will offer the course in Spain

Join the Smart women community on I-linc to figure out which partners have already opened calls for participants to join their course!