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Addressing the gender employment gap with entrepreneurship

22 Sep, 2017

The Smart women project focuses on women entrepreneurship, and getting entrepreneurial women the skills they need to take their business online to allow it to reach more customers and grow. A FEM committee meeting at the European Parliament discussed addressing the Gender employment gap with women entrepreneurship and flexible working hours.  Women entrepreneurs have the capacity to decide on their hours and schedule it around other personal commitments allowing for a healthy and happy work life balance.

Starting from the 1970, the number of women entrepreneurship has considerably growth. This shift can be redirected to several factors, both push and pull, in which unemployed women have rewritten their future. Particularly, the high unemployment rate that characterised the women situation has been one of the main factor that had pull women to create their own business. Women’s interest and enthusiasm in entrepreneurship and leadership, however, are often damaged by environmental influences leading women to have a lack of confidence in themselves. These factors that affect women at the work place have played a central role in push women to become entrepreneurship without having to fight against the glass ceiling.

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