Project Funded by:  Erasmus+ KA201 - Strategic Partnerships for school education

Project Duration:  24 months

Start Date:  01/09/2020

End Date:  28/02/2023


AMeLiE – Advanced Media Literacy Education to Counter Online Hate-Speech

25 Sep, 2020

The AMeLiE project involves innovative practices in the digital era and regards the theme of social inclusion – two aspects of fundamental importance, which are strongly correlated and permeating our lives. Social inclusion is a priority that goes beyond national and European borders, becoming a central issue to be addressed in all fields and at all levels, from institutional to community based. The virtual world, the Internet, social media are to be considered proper communities and they should not be excluded from the common purpose to create and nourish a more tolerant, fairer and respectful society.

AMeLiE addresses the issue of online hate speech, a topic that is increasingly being discussed in public debate. The aim of the project is to train teachers and representatives of school communities (school managers, digital facilitators, but also representatives of families) on the specific methodology, which goes in the direction of getting a step forward also in the field of “digital citizenship”, in line with the next Digital Europe programme, thus going beyond basic computer skills and focusing on the formation of advanced media literacy skills for those in educational roles.

The project offers an innovative approach and provides tools involving the whole educational community, in order to reach not only teachers, but also families, who are the first that need to be involved in the process of awareness of these levers and then transmit to “digital natives” that the Internet is not a reality separated from the world (Bookmarks: A manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education, Council of Europe).

The project foresees the creation of three Intellectual Outputs that are closely related and complementary to each other:

  • a blended training course, which will be able to use al the materials and possibilities offered by the interactive platform;
  • a Virtual Network of schools for active countering online hate-speech;
  • a manual of Policy Recommendations for policy makers and educational institutions.

AMeLiE is structured on a three-level training phases (first addressed to the Consortium organizations, then addressed to the teachers and / or representatives of the schools involved, then enlarged through a peer-learning path, guided by facilitators), and phases of experimentation, study and analysis of the results, consequently obtaining a methodology that will be easily applicable in various educational contexts, and at different levels. This also makes the project sustainable on a temporal scale, providing for a continuous and long-term exploitation of the results produced.

In particular:

  • in the first phase, 10 trainers (with different backgrounds, but above all experts in media literacy) of the partner organizations will be trained on the specific methodology of AMeLiE and on innovative techniques for training and teaching;
  • in the second phase, a group of 25 teachers and representatives of the school communities (chosen from the schools participating in the project as associated partners) will test the methodology thanks to the blended course and the use of the interactive platform of the project;
  • in the third phase, each trained teacher will have to involve at least 5 colleagues or people belonging to the school community, thus reaching a core of 150 people who will have experienced the methodology and tools offered, hence creating the first nucleus of what will be the “Virtual Network” of schools against online hate-speech.

At the end of the project, we estimate that the proposed activities will involve at least 3,000 students from the partnership countries (Italy, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Germany), subsequently including other countries and other communities thanks to the Virtual Network and the central role of the “pilot” schools.

The project, offering innovative pedagogical paths and approaches, intervenes at transnational level in the professional development of teachers, creating the conditions for a virtual community that will be increasingly fair and respectful of diversity. Furthermore, also involving other representatives of the educating community, we also intervene in the context of the community in a broad sense, promoting correct, aware and responsible behaviour in the virtual world. Because: “Virtual is real” (from the Manifesto of Parole Ostili).



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