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Europe 2020 Strategy (Telecentre-Europe’policy position)

01 Nov, 2014

Telecentre Europe responded to the Public consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy, launched by the European Commission in May 2014. Through this consultation the Commission aimed at collecting views from stakeholders on the progress and further development of the strategy.

The Europe 2020 strategy, with its targets and initiatives, is the main reference point for policy making in all areas – from trade and finances, through transport and environment, to education and social policy. Among others, EU funding priorities are also aligned with the strategy.

Everyone could express their opinion: institutions, business, NGOs, as well as individual citizens were invited to comment on whether the Europe 2020 strategy works or not.

Among other European networks, Telecentre Europe provided its input bearing in mind the interests of its members – organisations providing digital access and training in digital skills. You can download our position paper here:


The background documents for the consultations, as well as all contributions can be found here.