Will you be our new webmaster? Apply now! • ALL DIGITAL
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Will you be our new webmaster? Apply now!

07 Dec, 2021

ALL DIGITAL is looking for a new provider to support us in the maintenance and development of our website(s).

We would like to invite you to apply, if interested in performing this activity; to share the call for proposals among your network; or to forward it to any provider you believe would be able to support us.

If interested please read the call for proposals Call for proposals – websites review which includes the details on our requests.

For further information regarding all the technical specifications and the mains needs (included in Annex I) to maintain, develop and update the ALL DIGITAL general website, the ALL DIGITAL Summit website and the ALL DIGITAL Weeks website, please contact our Communications Officer Andrea Bedorin contact@all-digital.org

The application deadline to submit your application is scheduled for the 15 December 2021.