Vote for the best e-facilitator before 16 September • ALL DIGITAL
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Vote for the best e-facilitator before 16 September

04 Sep, 2018

ALL DIGITAL has established the Awards to recognize the best individuals and organisations that work to enhance digital skills across Europe. In 2018 we give awards in five categories:

  • Best digital changemaker;
  • Best e-facilitator;
  • Best digital resource;
  • Best cooperation project;
  • BRIGHTS Best digital story.

All the nominations are assessed by the jury, and the finalists in the BEST E-FACILITATOR category go for the online voting. The winner will be defined based on the jury scores and public votes combined.

This year we have FOUR finalists who will compete for the Award, and all of them are coming from Spain from ALL DIGITAL member organisations:

Read the stories of our e-facilitators and vote for (‘like’) the ones that you like best before 16 September on our Facebook page.