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Telecentre-Europe at the European Conference on Innovation for Digital Inclusion

29 Sep, 2011

During the Conference on Innovation for Digital Inclusion in Gdańsk, Poland (October 5-7, 2011) members of Telecentre-Europe’s board, staff & community will be involved in diverse conference activities:

» Ian Clifford, Deputy Chair of Telecentre-Europe AISBL’s managing board and senior manager of UK Online Centres:
will be a speaker at the workshop Social facilitators: Tutors, Librarians, Champions and Scouts – main drivers of digital literacy initiatives.


» Juan Francisco Delgado Morales, Member of Telecentre-Europe AISBL’s managing board and Head of the Spanish Association of Community Telecentres Network:
will be a speaker at the workshop Innovative, e‑Inclusion life changing solutions – Every European Digital: empowered, active and independent.

» Māra Jākobsone, Member of Telecentre-Europe AISBL’s managing board and Vicepresident & Project director at the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association:
will be present at Telecentre-Europe’s booth at the Click IT! Forum, the exhibition that runs parallel to the conference. Apart from representing Telecentre-Europe AISBL, she will also represent the partnership that was formed under the auspices of Telecentre‐Europe in 2009 and produced the Employment Toolkit “Key Competences for All”.

» Mariusz Boguszewski, Member of Telecentre-Europe’s online community and a member of the Library Development Program implemented by the Information Society Development Foundation:
will also be present at Telecentre-Europe’s booth, where he will promote Telecentre-Europe’s Get Online Week through printed materials based on the report of the Get Online Week 2011 in Poland, which he coordinated.

» Lize De Clercq, Communications Manager of Telecentre-Europe AISBL:
will be acting as a conference rapporteur, covering:

Apart from this, Lize will also be blogging on our community site and tweeting through @tc_europe and the conference hashtag #innodig2011. Don’t hesitate to follow her through these channels!