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TEAC 2014: what’s on the agenda?

29 Aug, 2014

The final countdown till the 7th annual Telecentre Europe‘s event has begun. Around 100 participants and speakers from European institutions, foundations and associations, partner organisations, NGOs, universities, and ICT industry will meet in Zagreb, Croatia on 24-26th September. What can you expect at TEAC 2014?

Four thematic groups will open discussions on the first day. Their speakers will address relevant challenges: Angela Andersson from the European Commission and Ioana Crihana from the National Association of Librarians and Public Libraries in Romania are invited to present their practice in adult education, training and certification. A. Andersson is part of the Adult Learning team in the European Commission and has been in charge of several large-scale European initiatives in the field of digital resources and online collaboration whereas I. Crihana has been involved in a series of partnership brokering activities in order to implement the most important national program of IT competences for public libraries BIBLIONET – The world in my library. Renata Danielienė who works at the Information Technologies Institute and is Young Advisor to Neelie Kroes in Lithuania will pinpoint trends and challenges related to ICT and youth employability. R. Danielienė has experience in children security and safety on Internet, IT training and testing service providing, ECDL courseware development, is a co-author of 3 books in computer literacy and has publications in IT. Magdalena Dimkova-Velevska from Open the Windows organisation in Macedonia will share her professional experience as a special educator in the field of inclusive education, assistive technologies and her work with students with disabilities.

Day 2 will bring professionals from the IT industry, academics, policy makers and other important stakeholders to the same discussion table. Among them Alexander Riedl (DG Connect, European Commission), Gert De Laet (Cisco), Ilona Kish (Reading and Writing Foundation), Meral Akin-Hecke (Austrian Digital Champion), Christoph Kaletka (University of Dortmund), Joaquim Torrents (Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks) and more will exchange their insights on digital skills and digital jobs. Predrag Pale, a researcher and a professor at the University of Zagreb, is invited to give a keynote speech. P. Pale is the Internet pioneer and early Internet adopter in Croatia and so his research involves ICT in education, information security, ICT in governance and how to leverage ICT benefits for all, to name a few.

The last day of TEAC 2014 will be dedicated to media literacy and multimedia skills with speakers from UNESCO, ATiT, Croatian Radio Television, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, University of Zagreb, and University College for Applied Computer Engineering Croatia. Telecentre Multimedia Academy (TMA) project partners will wrap up the outcomes in seven partner countries.

For the full programme and other details please check the official conference website: teannualconference.info.