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Resource Author:  Ariadna Rissola

Year:  2015

Type:  Report

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Skillage report 2012-2015

30 Oct, 2015 is an online assessment tool that helps young people to understand the more sophisticated ICT skills they need for the job market.

Telecentre Europe regularly carries out an analysis of the data provided in Skillage, with the aim of providing an evidence base on young Europeans’ digital skills. The conclusions of the analysis will help mobilise the efforts of telecentres around Europe to tackle youth unemployment in the most underprivileged areas and to raise awareness about digital competences and their importance for the labour market.

The report analyses participation results and the average scores obtained by participants between 2012 and 2015. In addition, for 2015 it provides an in-depth analysis with the socio-demographic variables. Following the analysis, specific calls-to-action and policy recommendations are proposed as well.

Policy recommendations are:

  • to raise awareness among female youngsters and employers about the fact that girls and women are well prepared to work in jobs requiring digital competence
  • specific digital competence education and training should be already introduced at school age and aligned with labour market needs
  • to reinforce digital skills education and training for employability at high school, vocational training, university and non-formal training for youngsters (ICT training centres, telecentres, etc.).


Infographic summarising the report is available HERE.

European Commission has included Skillage as an example of implementation of the Digital Comptence Framework for citizens: