Pia Groenewolt – Programme Officer

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Pia Groenewolt joined ALL DIGITAL in September 2016 as a Project Officer. Currently she is coordinating  Crowddreaming-CDDC, Open-AE, Social Hackademy projects and supporting eMedia project. Previously she coordinated CODINC, supported the Smart Women project and was in liaison with the National Coalitions in the context of the Digital skills and Jobs Coalition.


She has a Bachelor’s from the University of Calgary in both Sociology and Political Science, and a Master of Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki in Sociology specialising in ethnic relations, cultural diversity, and integration. In addition to having worked for the International Labour Organisation, Swiss Academy of Development, and the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has a strong experience in NGOs focusing on issues of inclusion, migration and integration, empowerment and dialogue.


Pia likes running marathons and doing other outdoor sports in any weather in her free time. She speaks English, French, German, Finnish, and Dutch.