Mara Jakobsone (Chair of the Board)

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Member organisation: Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA)
Country: Latvia

Mara Jakobsone is Vice-president and Information Society and Digital Skills project manager at LIKTA.
Until 1999 she was working as researcher and assistant professor at the University of Latvia. In 1993 Mara established the first ICT publication in Latvia – journal “Dator Pasaule“ and was editor-in-chief until 2005. She holds a Master degree in Economic Cybernetics (University of Latvia) and Doctoral degree in Economics and Statistics from the Institute of Finances and Economics, St. Petersburg and University of Latvia.

She is experienced in managing research, education and innovation projects at national and European level and has excellent skills in advocacy related to digital society and digital skills development for citizens and SMEs.

Mara is the coordinator of the National Digital Skills Coalition and Get Online Week campaign in Latvia.
Mara has been contributing to the development of ALL DIGITAL since 2010, being a Board member and Chair of the Board.