HURISTO project is launched! • ALL DIGITAL
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HURISTO project is launched!

23 Oct, 2017

HURISTO: a new project with the main aim to deliver a methodology concerning European human rights charter and educational skill improvement for the less educated got launched on 18 October in Brussels. Maks vzw (Belgium) cooperates with Terremondo cooperativa sociale (Italy), Cepa Montes Norte (Spain) and ALL DIGITAL.

The purpose of the year-long project is to develop a methodology for awareness raising and advocacy about the European human rights charter as a part of global citizenship education with low skilled adult learners (refugees and migrants living in the city and natives living in rural places. This methodology will be based on digital storytelling; project partners will work on personal narratives illustrating different topics of the charter.

The main expected results for the adult learners are increased digital skills, reading and writing skills, awareness raising about the European Human Rights Charter and European citizenship. The work on the charter and the personal narratives will also improve participants’ analytic media literacy, interpersonal and intercultural skills, but also core skills for employability like teamwork, problem solving, learning to learn and communication. Additionally, the adult trainers will increase their teaching capacities using digital media and the methodology of digital storytelling in particular. Project partners will train 10 trainers to guide the participants and will engage 80 participants for the first workshops who will disseminate the method through a peer-to-peer event.

After a very constructive kick-off meeting in Brussels and getting to know each other, project partners are ready to start the work!

Project partners: