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Future of DigComp (Telecentre-Europe’s position paper)

22 Feb, 2017

After the DigComp workshop, we promised to publish a position paper on our vision about the future of the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp).

So, here it comes at a time when the European Commission is developing an Action Plan for the implementation of DigComp 2.0. We know what such Action Plan should include and how to implement it!

So, we put our heads together with three other associations – CEPIS, ECDL Foundation and the European e-Skills Association – to encourage the European Commission to:

  • promote DigComp as the reference for learning, teaching, assessment and certification of digital skills to be used by most digital skills training providers, similarly to how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CERF)
  • provide clear guidelines to national bodies (Ministries of Education, Labour or Welfare as well as State employment agencies)
  • support awareness-raising campaign(s) at EU and national level
  • foresee targeted financial support in European programmes for organizations to align their competence development solutions to the framework, run pilot projects or raise awareness
  • establish and support a coordination/secretariat body for the implementation of DigComp


You can read the position paper here.

Three years ago, we argued that DigComp should be used for digital skills for employability for non-ICT professionals. The recommendations we made then were followed and DigComp 2.0 takes this into account. Now we are hoping to see organisations providing trainings and certifications in digital skills reference their programmes to the framework, so that they become internationally recognised.