Telecentre-Europe’s Position Paper on Digital Single Market Strategy

14 Mar, 2016

This paper presents Telecentre Europe’s position on Digital Single Market Strategy.

Key messages:

  • Europeans should be considered not only as consumers, but as digitally-active producers, workers and citizens.
  • Development of e-government services should go hand-in-hand with development of skills.
  • Entrepreneurs and micro, small & medium-size enterprise (SME) owners need up-to-date digital skills even more to remain competitive.
  • The digital skills gap will grow among people (and countries/regions) with contrasting socio-economic backgrounds, if no suitable intervention is made. Digital literacy and skills development for social participation and employment (i.e. e-inclusion) should be a top priority, with a dedicated action in the Strategy Roadmap.
  • A major initiative on Digital Skills for Jobs should be launched, building over initiatives such as the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, which should have a more prominent role and leadership in the Strategy.
  • Digital skills for Jobs should become a priority on the national level. Targeted financial support should be designated for national and local coalitions for digital jobs.


To download our position paper please click here.