DigComp workshop at DG EMPL • ALL DIGITAL
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DigComp workshop at DG EMPL

04 Oct, 2016

On 12th September DG EMPL of the European Commission held an informal meeting with stakeholders interested in the development and implementation of EU digital competence (DigComp) and entrepreneurship competence (EntreComp) frameworks. Telecentre Europe Chair Mara Jakobsone and CEO Laurentiu Bunescu took part and expressed our interest to actively engage in the process.

The Commission aimed to collect ideas from the participants on actions necessary for the future implementation and roll-out of the competence frameworks. The EC is currently developing an Action Plan for the implementation of the two frameworks and will set up an informal stakeholders’ support group. Telecentre Europe reminded that for the successful uptake of the frameworks, it is important that all stakeholders – governments, industry, educators and NGO – are informed, motivated and involved in the framework implementation.

There should be guidelines from the European Commission to national bodies (Ministries of Education, Ministries of Labour or Welfare, State Employment Agencies) recommending that training programs supervised by these bodies are linked to these frameworks.

Telecentre Europe expects that the Digital Competence Framework is integrated into the trainings and assessments/certifications of most training providers who teach digital skills, similarly to the language framework, which is used almost everywhere to show the level of language achieved.

Another proposal was to integrate the implementation of the frameworks in the action plans of the National Coalitions for Digital Jobs.

We will soon publish a position paper with all idea to provide input to the action plan currently designed by the Commission. Stay tuned for more info!