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Do you believe coding can be used for inclusion? Show us how!

07 Aug, 2019

We are happy to launch the Codinc competition!

Get to know the Codinc project!

The CODINC (Coding for Inclusion) project teaches coding and STEM to young people from disadvantaged areas. It engages in a peer-to-peer learning methodology where students in high school are trained in a short 10-15-hour programme, which they then go on to teach their younger peers. The programme is based on Open Education Resources found in the CODINC toolkit.

Check out the #CodincEU video:


There are two ways to take part in the #CodincEU contest:

1)  Add an Open Educational Resource (OER) to the Toolkit selecting the right age group for the reference and clicking on “Add a reference“. References are accepted in all languages.

You can win a makey-makey set for the OERs you upload.

2) Show us how you used or want to use the #CodincEU toolkit. Share your experience in using the Codinc programme or your plan to use it on our community networking platform Unite-IT. You need to register to add your blogs and use the hashtag #CodincEU when sharing the blog!

For sharing your Codinc experience or plan, you can win microbit sets for an entire class!

>>Learn more on the project website