Carer+ Super Trainers met in Paris

08 Aug, 2013

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So-called “Super trainers”- the leaders of local staff from the five piloting countries of the Carer + project – met from July 22nd to the 24th in Paris to discuss the upcoming projects’s piloting phase. More specifically, they looked into the training of carers and the details of the learning environment.

The training was hosted by UbiQuiet – the French project partner that invented the Li1 gadget- an ICT tool to be used for training purposes. Speakers from King’s College London gave the super-trainers an overview of the training programme envisioned for the carers. UbiQuiet showed the participants how the Li1 tool works in practice and how care recipients can benefit from its use. Telecentre Europe gave an overview of the pre-pilot activities, the impact assessment process and the tools and the dissemination materials of the piloting phase.