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01 Apr, 2012

Funded by: ICT-PSP programme (European Union)
Start Date: 01/04/2012
End Date: 31/03/2015
Duration: 36 months

Carer+ project identified and enhanced ICT competences of care workers who supported elderly persons at home – anticipating a new and vital role for care workers. It aimed to support the development of digital competences and digitally-supported professional skills for care workers, with a particular focus on applying these skills and competences to enhance the quality of care provided for care recipients. Carer+ aimed to develop a set of learning paths and educational resources for mobile and work based learning that responded to major challenges of care-workers’ professionalisation: isolation, access to technology, flexibility of study modes, lack of support and motivation, formal accreditation, recognition of prior experience, and scalability.

During the two years, the Carer+ partnership introduced new, easy-to-use internet-based technology tools for the elderly, a competence framework and curriculum & training tools in theory and practice. To realize the challenging aims of the project, a training of trainers, policy exchange visits, an open online learning space and a community for care-workers was put in place. To make sure that the Carer+ framework worked in real-life conditions, the project piloted its framework and methodology in five countries with 500 care workers. Following the lessons learned during the pilot phase, a complete set of guidelines was developed to ensure transferability for all areas of the field.


Please find all project partners here, including Telecentre Europe and the network members:
Fundatia EOS Romania – Educating for an Open Society
Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA)