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Vaata Maailma SA – Look@World Foundation

25 Apr, 2017



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Look@World foundation was established in 2001. The goal is to serve public interest by supporting education, science and culture via encouraging and popularising use of Internet and ICT. With this the Foundation aims to raise the quality of life in Estonia and also the competitiveness of Estonia in Europe.

Look@World foundation has a strong and proven competence of organising large-scale ICT-training and awareness raising projects. In 2002-2004 as well as in 2009-2011 the Foundation provided training for more than 100,000 people (10% of the adult population) through the “Come Along!” project, that aimed to teach the participants how to use computers, Internet and e-services.

The “Arvutikaitse/Computer Security” project helped the Estonian population to use the electronic ID-card safely and to avoid related risks. The target of the project – 400,000 unique ID-card users – was reached in January 2010 (20,000 users in 2006).Look@World foundation also coordinates Estonian smart device security project “NutiKaitse 2017″.

The goal of the project is to ensure that 70% of mobile smart device owners in Estonia use their devices in a secure way by the end of 2017 and at least 300,000 people in Estonia will use the secure Mobile-ID for electronic authentication and digital signatures.Since 2012 the Foundation also runs a network of afterschool ICT hobby groups, NutiLabor/SmartLabs, in Estonia. During the 2016/2017 school year there were 130 SmartLabs with approx 2,700 participants aged 6-17. (More information:

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Name: Kristi Kivilo
Position: Member of the Board